Shipping & Returns

Shipping, Returns, Refund and Exchange Policies

Due to the nature of our business we do not offer any refund of any kind. Health Canada regulations also do not permit us to accept any refund or exchange for smoking related products.
If any item is defective you may contact the manufacturer to provide further service for warranty or exchange. Some manufacturers are in China and to receive their warranty you may have to send the item to China.
Before we ship any item we will guarantee that we will check the item and make sure it is functional. One by one. We do not ship defective items or send anything out without checking quality and functionality of the item. If you have received a defective product in the mail please email us pictures and description of item, order # etc and possibly a video if you think it would help us make a decision towards exchanging it. However we do not offer any refunds. Please send your questions inquiries to